Nirvana - Screen and Mobile Control Application


Screen and Mobile Control Application

IDeo Concepts


A pool heat pump has been adapted to allow remote control via a mobile application. To achieve this goal, an electronic control card was designed with a Wifi option. The configuration allows easy switching of the communication mode in case users need to use an alternative, such as Bluetooth. This also required the establishment of a database and a web service to allow users to authenticate to ensure the security of the product.

Features: Remote control - Temperature acquisition - Wifi - Database - Mobile application - User management

The Project

Wanting to be a pioneer in its field, Nirvana HP wants to add additional value to its high-end product. We therefore proposed to them, to stand out from other products on the market, to offer their customers remote connectivity. The addition of a control card allowed Nirvana to add features to its heat pumps, and customers can thus customize their unit according to their needs.

The FC series heat pumps now have the BOOST, ECO, and QUIET options. Thanks to a more complex and personalized control card, it is now possible to change the fan speed and optimize its usage. In addition, the daily schedule programming that has been added allows customers to program a routine on their heat pump according to their lifestyle. Not only has control been improved, but the interface has also been enhanced for a better user experience. Once a display of 3 units with 7 segments, the new character display is more user-friendly.

The optional Wifi extension is coupled with a mobile application that allows remote control. With this, available on Android and iOS, customers can monitor the temperature of their pool or spa and remotely control the features of their heat pump.

For four years now, Nirvana's IOT products have been sold in several countries around the world.

Here is an animation of the product created by our team.